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Forward by JSB Chariman
Dear members,

I’m deeply honor to be elected as chairman of JSB for this term 2011~2013.
I would like to extend a great thank you to Dato.Dr.Siow the outgoing chairman, for his dedication through his charismatic leadership, Jagam Southern Branch has established excellence reputation and recognition in the southern region of Malaysian Peninsula.

JSB will continue to strengthen the relationship among Alumni; associations; Japan Club, Johor; and Japan Consul office of Johor. This will be facilitated by active organizing of mutual functions or activities that incorporates various aspects of exchange of Japan culture,; art; music; education; sports social,; others.

As for JSB’s existing(Senpai & Kohai) members, functions are to be executed to bring about greater cohesiveness and interaction among the younger and elder members.

I believe that there is still plenty of Japan graduates are not the members of Jagam in southern zone, we need the existing members’ endeavor to recruit new members.

JSB always strife to work hand in hand with the other branches on the functions which brings cohesiveness and interaction among branches.
For this term, I would like to wish JCC to play an important role in enhancing branches’ linkage and strive for closer communication through organizing more activities to bring forth a deeper level of cohesiveness among the branches’ members.

Last but not least, I would like to thank for your continued supports, and feedback to bring Jagam toward a better tomorrow.

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