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Forward by JNB Chariman

Choo Shing LaiDear members,

I am deeply honour to be re-elected as chairman of JNB for this term 2013~2015.On behalf of new elected of JNB committees, I wish to express my warmest thank and appreciation for your kind trust and continous support to me to enable us to serve all the members during my tenure.

Looking back this past 2 years ,we have been exposed and gone through so many experience and challenges while implementing new activities such as Coloring Contest/ Bonodori / Education / JNB’s 30 Years Anniversary dinner & magazine /Yosakoi Parade/ Ascoja / Jagam Business Networking/Monthly Nomikai and others. With this exposure and experiences,we are now more confidence and mature enough to implement our activities smoothly for this second term of service .
Our main objectives during this term are as follows :

  1. To unite and gather all JNB members including recruitment of new members ( to Increase the membership from 340 to 500 )
  2. To continously strengthen our exclusive value-“ SENPAI-KOUHAI” relationship ( JNB, JCB and JSB )
  3. To link & connect all members and form 4 contact group ( Penang/ Butterworth/ Kedah / Perak)
  4. To form a club for all members to participate ( Karaoke / Sport/ Education / business/others )
  5. To form a Youth club for our members’children by connecting and intergrating all Jagam members children through social media ( facebook)
  6. To continue enhancing our JAGAM’s association identity and awareness amongst members in the northern region and to promote the japanese stay in the northern region.
  7. To work together with external parties in various aspects

In line with our objectives, I humbly and sincerely seek all members’ support and cooperation in order to us to implement our activities accordingly. I firmly and strongly believes that with the unity of senpai & kouhai unique relationship will bring and lead Jagam to greatest height and thus making a difference now and future .

Last but not least , I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation and thank you for your continous support . Please dont not hesitate and feel free to advise us whatever and whenever you feel that can improve our organization.

Kindly update your latest contact to : jagam_jnb@yahoo.com

“We together , we can make a difference” !

Best regards,
Choo Shing Lai
JNB Chairman (2013-2015)


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