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The "Pre-arrival Admission" is a newly established system to enable international students outside of Japan to secure admission to the higher educational institutions in Japan without having to go to Japan.
The higher educational institutions printed below are those which have decided to utilize the "Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students-EJU" for their selection of international students in the new intakes.
This list would be updated and changed constantly by the AIEJ from time to time.
It would be advisable for international students to check direct with the higher educational institutions of their choice as well as those listed below here for further information on the procedures of admission application.
The number of the schools above (As of December 25, 2003)
  National Local Public Private Total
Universities 12 1 30 43
Junior Colleges 0 0 10 10
Graduate Schools 1 0 2 3
Total 13 1 42 56
  Applying for Admission to Schools
Offering Pre-arrival Admission
This list is what summarized the results which AIEJ inquired of the higher educational institutions about the requirements.
We are taking care so that accurate information would be offered, however it would be advisable to make sure of the subject tests, examination language and required documents by the entrance examination bulletin which concerned institutions will issue.
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