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Internship Program and Employment
1. Internship program
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1. Internship program
  In recent years, the number of people who experience internship as employment experience while they are students has been increasing.

  In general, internship is a system through which a student gains work experience relating to his/her major field and future career at a company, etc., while at school. Some universities are facilitating internship as a part of the curriculum. If you receive financial remuneration from the company, you need to apply for the permit for activity other than that of the designated visa status.

  Regarding the availability of internship systems and transfer of the internship experience into credits, please confirm with the school at the time of your selection. Information on companies receiving internship students, registration and other items is available on the Internet as well.
  If a student who is registered at a university outside Japan enters Japan to have employment experience as a part of the curriculum for obtaining credits from his/her university based on an agreement between the university and the company, the status of residence will be "Designated Activities," "Cultural Activities" or "Temporary Visitor" depending on whether financial remuneration is provided, and the duration of stay in Japan.

  If you wish to take an internship program while studying in Japan, please inquire at "ETIC", a non-profit organization (http://www.etic.or.jp, refer to Chapter 15).

  If you are a student living outside Japan, AIESEC (Association Internationale des Etudiants en Sciences Economiques et Commerciales: http://www.aiesec.jp or http://www.aiesec.org), which is a student organization having committees in more than 700 universities in 84 countries, conducts recruitment for internship programs for overseas companies (Refer to Chapter 15.)

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