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Living in Japan
1.Currency and cost of living
2. Cost of study
3. Living expenses
4. Accommodation
5. Guarantor
6. Part-time Work
7. Expenses for medical treatment
6. Part-time Work
  An international student is allowed to have a part-time job upon receiving permission from the school attended as well as from the nearest Regional Immigration Bureau, and under the following conditions:
  (1) The part-time job should not prevent the student from carrying out his/her core activities in Japan.
  (2) The purpose is to earn money for tuition fees and other necessary expenses of study in Japan.
  (3) Employment should not be undertaken at service establishments that operate entertainment and amusement businesses or sex-related businesses; or business that erodes moral values of students.
  (4) The number of working hours is as shown in the table above.
Type of student Maximum working hours Status of residence
a. International students who study at universities or similar educational institutes
b. International students who study at colleges of technology or postsecondary courses of special- ized training colleges
Within 28 hours per week (up to 8 hours per day during long school vacation periods) College student
Research students
(kenkyu-sei) who mainly
audit classes or are auditors
Within 14 hours per week (up to 8 hours per day during long school vacation periods)
Students in Japanese- language institutes (shugaku-sei) Within 4 hours a day Pre-college student
  The most common part-time jobs available to international students are restaurant work, followed by language teaching, cleaning, sales, etc.
  The main points to consider when deciding on a part-time job are as follows:
  (1) The work does not interfere with studies
(For example, late-night work will affect a student's ability to concentrate in nexts day classes.)
  (2) Methods of payment
(taxes; payment on a daily, weekly or monthly basis; payment in cash or through the bank; etc.)
  (3) Safety (Is there any danger of accidents? What about insurance if an accident occurs?)
  The most important point for the student is to take care of his or her health and not allow the work to interfere with studies.
  The welfare sections of universities and the Center for Domestic and Foreign Students provide information on part-time work that is available to students with the status of residence as "college student." In addition, public "Hello Work" employment offices provide information about part-time work for international students with a "pre-college student" status.
* the Center for Domestic and Foreign Students http://www.naigai.or.jp/infojob/Rindex.htm
* Hello Work http://www.mhlw.go.jp/kyujin/hwmap.html

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