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Living in Japan
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5. Guarantor
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5. Guarantor
  A guarantor or contact person is often required when submitting an application for admission to a higher educational institution such as a Japanese-language institute, specialized training college, university, etc. The reasons are various, such as to provide a financial guarantee for the student's academic expenses or to overcome obstacles concerning any legal procedures on the status of residence after gaining admission.

  As for the documents to be submitted, while some schools require only a letter of guarantee and written pledge, others ask for the guarantor's residence certificate and certificate of employment. A recent trend, however, sees an increasing number of schools only asking for a contact person rather than a guarantor or, as for Japanese students, only asking for a guarantor at the time of admission. Inquire directly to the school you wish to apply to for details.

  A guarantor is required when seeking accommodation and part-time work. A guarantor not only provides a financial guarantee but is morally responsible. Therefore, the student should build a reliable relationship and take care not to get his or her guarantor into trouble.

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