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Documents required :
1. Original visa application form
1 for each applicant with 1 passport size photo (must be taken within 6 months)
to complete every column including address and name of accommodation
2. Passport (without cover)
must reserve 1 full page for visa
3. Letter of guarantee from company/firm /organization
preferred typed on firm’s letterhead consists of :
applicant’s name, position, period of service, purpose of journey, length of stay, guarantee of expenses, name of person accompanying (if any), etc.
4. Invitation letter from counterpart in Japan
should be typed on firm’s letterhead consists of :
i ) applicant’s name, passport number, purpose of visit and duration of stay
ii) signature and name of person in-charge
iii) schedule
5. Confirmed flight itinerary from travel agent or airline
Note : documents required for Japanese Visa application might differ based on the purpose of visit.

For submission of documents :
a) Arrange all documents according to sequence as above. Documents submitted will not be returned
b) All photocopies of documents should be in A4 size paper
c) Embassy or Consulate-General of Japan has the right to request for any other documents apart from the above mentioned
as and when required
Processing period
it usually takes 3 working days to process the visa. In cases where documents are incomplete or applicants are under consideration, it will take delay the process.
Visa fee
For Malaysia passport holder is gratis.

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