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Japanese Government Scholarship with ASCOJA Recommendation
This scholarship is provided by Asia Japan Alumni (ASJA) International. It is eligible for all Malaysians who wish to further their post graduates studies in Japan. This scholarship will be provided for two (2) to four (4) years including of one (1) year of Japanese Language Course for those who have not studied Japanese Language before.
Those interested to apply may inquire from your Branch Secretariat for the offer & closing date for application. Each applicant is required to submit the following documents (three copies of each) :

1)Completed application form with one (1) photograph
2)Scholarly performance certificate(s) acknowledged by the university which the applicant is now attending, and a scholarly achievement certificate over the entire school terms from the university the applicant graduated most recently.
3)the summary of the research project the applicant wishes to pursue
4)Letter of recommendation issued by the dean or faculty professor of the university from which the applicant has graduated
5)Medical certificate / check up report
6)Certificate of Japanese Language ability by an authoritative Japanese Language institution or by the Japan Foundation (if any)
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