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   Most scholarships cover a part of a student's education and living expenses; only a few cover all the expenses. Therefore, students should check the cost of study in Japan carefully and plan their funding, without relying on a scholarship. A Lifestyle Survey of Privately Financed International Students conducted by JASSO in March 2002 shows that 57.4% of privately financed international students are on scholarships, receiving an average stipend of ¥70,000 per month. According to the Association for the Promotion of Japanese Language Education, only 13.2% of Japanese language students are on scholarships, receiving an average stipend of ¥25,842 per month (as of October 2001).

  Some scholarships for international students in Japan can be applied for in the student's home country before the student enters Japan, but most scholarships must be applied for in Japan after the student's arrival. Most scholarships are for students at university level or above and researchers. There are few scholarships for students at specialized training colleges or for students studying at Japanese-language institutes.

  Applicants for scholarships usually have to go through document screening, a written examination to test knowledge in general education, the student's special area of study, language and an interview. Student should aplly most of scholarships through the schools the students are attending. For further information, please contact the international students affairs office at your school.

  There is other financial assistance in the form of tuition fee reduction or material assistance.

  For a list of scholarship providing organizations, refer to the JASSO web site (http://www.jasso.or.jp) or inquire at the Information Center.

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