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1. Qualifications
  2. Application
3. Entrance examination
4. Courses taught in English
5. Auditors, Credit-earning students, etc.
  6. Universitiy transfers
7. Short-term study programs
  8. Conditions for graduating / Completing courses
  9. International recognition of degrees obtained in Japan
7. Short-term study programs
  The majority of short-term study programs in Japan are less than one year. Students coming to Japan for short-term study are mostly on exchange programs based on student-exchange agreements, but there are individual students who come to Japan for specific purposes.
  The contents of the short-term study programs are various.

1. Levels:
  1. Undergraduate departments
  2. Graduate courses

2. Language of instruction:
  1. Japanese only
  2. English only
  3. Japanese and English

3. Subjects:
  1. Japanese
  2. Research subjects on Japan
  3 .Humanities and social studies subjects
  4. Natural science subjects
  5. Science and engineering subjects
(Some universities have established special classes for short-term international students while others accept them in regular courses offered in faculties and departments. The status of students is diverse, such as exchange student, auditor or credit-earning student.)

(1) Exchange programs
    Recently Japanese universities are increasingly establishing short-term study programs (exchange programs) to enable international students to study in Japan for one semester or one year with the purpose of earning credits while maintaining student status of their university back home. Students who wish to join such programs must apply through their universities at home. Inquiries concerning application procedures, costs and other details should be made to the relevant office of your university.
  In the case of international students coming to Japan to study on the basis of a student-exchange agreement between universities or similar accord, the "JASSO Short Term Student Exchange Promotion Program" scholarships are available. JASSO provides round-trip travel expenses, scholarships and other assistance to international students. Application for this program has to be made through a university in a student's home country.

(2) Other short-term studies
    In the case of a short-term study program that is not an exchange agreement between universities, or research students or auditors, etc., inquiries should be made to the school of one's choice after obtaining the list of universities from JASSO's web site (http://www.jasso.or.jp) as well as Chapter 18.
  It is recommended to confirm with one's home institution concerning the handling of credits earned.
  Only a few students are eligible to receive scholarships if they are studying in Japan not on the basis of a student-exchange agreement between universities.

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