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1. Qualifications
  2. Application
3. Entrance examination
4. Courses taught in English
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  6. Universitiy transfers
  7. Short-term study programs
  8. Conditions for graduating / Completing courses
  9. International recognition of degrees obtained in Japan
6. Universitiy transfers
  Transfers from one university to another are not common in Japan. Approximately 40 national, 10 local public and 140 private universities have a transfer system that targets international students. Among those, about as few as 50 universities hold special transfer entrance examinations for international students, and others impose the same examination as for Japanese students wishing to transfer.

  Occasionally junior college graduates, college of technology graduates, who obtained the qualification of "technical associate" by completing a postsecondary course at a specialized training college, those who have completed one or two years of general education at institution, and graduates of four-year universities transfer to another university to enter a degree course (transfer as a junior-year undergraduate) to change their major, but details of acceptance of transfer students differ according to university, including some universities not recruiting transfer students depending on the year although they have such systems.

  The Information Center maintains a list of universities that have transfer systems. Inquire to the center for further information.

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