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1. Qualifications
  2. Application
  3. Entrance examination
  4. Courses taught in English
  5. Auditors, Credit-earning students, etc.
  6. Universitiy transfers
  7. Short-term study programs
  8. Conditions for graduating / Completing courses
  9. International recognition of degrees obtained in Japan
Regular undergraduate programs at universities take four years to complete. Medical, dentistry and veterinary programs are six years.

Some universities allow students to participate in courses as auditors or to take only individual subjects rather than a complete program.

Apart from long-term study with the aim of acquiring a degree or conducting long-term research, there are short-term study programs without the aim of acquiring a degree (Refer to 7. Short-term study programs.)
(one of the following requirements must be met)
  1. Those who have received 12 years of school education outside Japan, and have completed secondary education.
  2. In the case of students from countries where school education lasts for 10 or 11 years, those who complete a "course of preliminary study for university entrance" at authorized institutions and at least 18 years. (Refer to Chapter 4)
  3. Those who passed a qualification examination in their home country to be regarded as having academic proficiency the same level as the University Entrance Qualification Examination in Japan, such as the High-school Graduation Equivalency Examination in South Korea.
  4. Those who passed the International Baccalaureate, or the Abitur in Germany, or the Baccalaureate in France and are at least 18.
    "For transfer to universities, please refer to 6. University transfers.

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