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3. Preparation for Study in Japan
  1.Planning for study in Japan
  2. Information gathering
  3. Choosing a school
3. Choosing a school
When choosing the educational institute, you should consider the major fields you wish to study, your objectives and qualification, as well as your desired profession or direction in the future to make an overall decision. After checking information in the internet and acquiring a list of schools, respective school prospectus, school guides and application guidelines, you should select a school according to the following criteria. You should not decide on a school solely on the basis of its name or reputation. It is advisable to take the entrance examinations of several schools, since the examination results may prevent you from gaining admission to the school of your choice.  

1. Curriculum content
2. Japanese-language program
3. Special program for international students
4. Entrance examination
5. Tuition and other necessary expenses
6. Scholarships and financial support
7. Accommodation facilities
8. Research facilities
9. Location 

There is no official university ranking in Japan.
You should note that although international students at present tend to concentrate in institutions in the Tokyo area (Refer to Chapter 17,) other regions offer various advantages, such as lower prices and rents than Tokyo, fewer students and unique curricula, closer ties with the local community, abundant nature, clean, fresh water and air. Therefore, consider schools not only in the Tokyo area but in the whole of the country.

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