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3. Preparation for Study in Japan
  1.Planning for study in Japan
  2. Information gathering
  3. Choosing a school
1. Planning for study in Japan
The motivations of people desiring to study in Japan differ, and the objectives of their study, method, length of stay and educational institution are by no means the same. First of all, make a detailed plan taking into account your academic ability, financial means and desired profession or direction in the future.

(1) Types of study in Japan
These are classified into the following three according to its objective and period. 

1. Language study

Objective : Acquire the Japanese language
Institution : Japanese-language institute or Japanese program offered by a private university
Period : 6 months to 2 years

2. Long-term study
Objective : Aquiring a specific degree or conductinglong-term research
Institution : Graduate school, university, junior college, specialized training college, college of technology
Period : More than 1 year

3. Short-term study
Objective : Student exchange, learning and conducting research such as Japan studies program or summer course within a year, without theaim of acquiring a degree
Institution : Graduate school, university, junior college (host school in case of
student-exchange program), summer course or Japan studies program at a university
Period : Not more than 1 year

*Note: Higher educational institutions in Japan, in principle, conduct all their lessons in Japanese with only a few offering lessons in English (Refer to Chapter 5. 4.)
(2) How to finance expenses for study in Japan
Examine how much tuition and living expense is necessary, by referencing to Chapter 12. From the beginning you should not expect to easily secure a scholarship or part-time job in your funding plan for studying in Japan. 
1. Japanese government scholarship
Study in Japan by receiving a Japanese government (Monbukagakusho: MEXT*) scholarship.
Note: *Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology

*In the case of Japanese government scholarship students who are recommended by the embassy but who do not have an adequate knowledge of the Japanese language, they are required to attend preparatory Japanese-language education at universities or other institutes in Japan before commencing study in their major fields.

For further information please contact the Japanese of embassy in Malaysia. http://www.embjapan.org.my
2. Privately financed international students
Study in Japan privately or by receiving a scholarship other than that offered by the Monbukagakusho (such as home country government scholarship or private foundation scholarship; Refer to Chapter 10.)
*There are only a few scholarship programs available before coming to Japan. Most students are required to first come to Japan at their own expense and then look for scholarships they can apply for.

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