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The translation services JAGAM provides are inclusive of the following :
Japanese to English, Mandarin and Bahasa Malaysia
English, Mandarin, Bahasa Malaysia to Japanese
Hand written on original copy
properly typed and bind into easy to read file
The rates are based on the translators / interpreters’ experience, the quality of the services, the budget of the end-user and many other factors. We provide the following guidelines for your information and reference ONLY. The final quotation will be ironed out based on the meeting between the end-user and the translator / interpreter’s agreement.
Guidelines for the Interpretation / Translation Fees
Interpretation Services
  RM / Day
Joint Venture negotiation
Technical related 500
General, daily conversation 300
Transportation, lodging, meals and others cost incurred will be charged subject to the agreement between the end-user and the interpreter. Non-office working hours rate may be higher.

Translation Services
Rates quoted below are in RM / A4 page
  Properly typed and bind
Hand written on original
Japanese to English
60 50
English to Japanese - 50
General, daily conversation - 50
Japanese to Mandarin - 50
Mandarin to Japanese - 50
Japanese to B. Malaysia 60 50
B. Malaysia to Japanese - 50

JAGAM and the translators will not be held responsible for any misunderstanding from the translations, resulted in loss of time, life, income, bodily injury and any other accident. For worst case, the maximum liability is limited to the fee collected.

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