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The major activities of JAGAM reflect its aims and objectives very closely.
a) Publications
JAGAM publishes “THE JAGAM NEWSLETTER” which is circulated to each and every member of our three branches to enable them to keep abreast of activities, employment opportunities, matters of interest and reports, articles that are of concern to our JAGAM members.
b) Education Counselling
Students intending to study in Japan receive free counselling from JAGAM. Activities in this sector include giving talks at high schools and education seminars and the co-sponsoring of JAPAN EDUCATION FAIR with the Association of International Education, Japan (1990, 1991, 1992 and 1993) and the JAPAN SCHOOL EXHIBITION with the Tokyo Kyoiku Koron Co Ltd. (in 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992 and 1993). In fact this year JAGAM undertook the responsibility of organizing the Japan Education Fair with considerable success.

c) Talks, Public Lectures and Seminars

JAGAM has conducted free talks and public lectures on topics ranging from banking, share market, astronomy, shiatsu therapy, healthcare, Japan-Malaysia relations etc. given by members. Management seminars with lectures by professors from Japan have been organised for the public.
d) Japanese Language Class
JAGAM members have been encouraged to conduct Japanese language classes at the Clubhouse since 1988. Response from the public to the classes has been very good. More than 500 students have since completed the classes for basic and intermediate Japanese language courses.
e) Library
The JAGAM Library in the Kuala Lumpur Clubhouse was started in 1979. It boasts of a moderate collection of Japanese reference and story books for members’ use only.
f) Home-Stay Exchange Programme
JAGAM participated in JASCAA’s Senior and Junior Home-StayExchange programmes. In 1990, JAGAM launched the ASCOJA Junior Exchange Programme by inviting five children from each ASCOJA Chapter and JASCAA for a one-week homestay in Kuala Lumpur. It was successfully completed with the participation of five Juniors from Thailand only. The five OJSA juniors who stayed with the family of JAGAM members also visited Genting Highland and Malacca. PHILFEJA played host to the Junior Exchange Programme this year. 5 of our members’ children enjoyed a memorable stay in the Philippines.
g) Social and Cultural Activities
The various festive occasions in Malaysia including the Japanese festive occasions are celebrated as JAGAM members get-together parties. Besides, classes for Ikebana, Sado, art-flower making etc. are conducted with the help of the local Japanese community.
education fair 2000
education fair 2000
education fair 2000
education fair 2000
education fair 2000
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