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The Rules and Constitution of JAGAM allow for tow principal categories of membership, namely Ordinary Member and Associate Member. The former must have graduated from any university or college in Japan while the latter must have studied in Japan for at least 2 years. Only Malaysian citizens are allowed by the country═s law to become members.

JAGAM began with only 22 members in 1973. The birth of ASCOJA on 10 June 1977, initiated by Raja Dato Nong Chik and his ASEAN ˝nakamatachiţ and the subsequent induction of the then Prime Minister of Japan H.E. Mr. Takeo Fukuda as First Honorary Member of ASCOJA at Kuala Lumpur Hilton Hotel on 8 August 1977 were events which encouraged the growth of JAGAM. By 1980 JAGAM═s membership strength rose to 120 members which today stands at more than 1000.
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